prayers at. work

We see everyone is doubting and challenging God’s work in this current crisis. They say how can us ministers try and say God is answering prayers or even listening -or worse if He or anyone cares. How can I try and sell hope, give hope, create, make and bake hope. I am 54- my birthday and the crisis and the promises of prayers for the ones I have promised is shown here day 4 of a fast and my blood sugars are finally moving down from 8. That is prayer at work in preventing diabetes at least, and that is all prayer is – action and positive energy, and consitent crowding out worry. Yes the motivation for the fast was myself, but that hasn’t stopped the extra fact that my prayers for all are out there. Thanks and have a great day.


Happily we drive along, and CRACK… The first reaction passes and it is time to assess the damage.  I was reminded that our lives are often like that, especially if everything seems to be going smoothly.  Of course as a Christian we are told that we should expect challenges, because they will happen.  As people who are plagued by depression the daily struggles are amplified. 

Physical challenges impact our thoughts and emotions, while the thoughts and emotions, and our spiritual health exert pressure on our physical health.   Bitterness, anger, and all the other negative emotions will continue to happen and we constantly need to be on guard.  So many encourage looking for the positives and often it is another habit that takes practice and perseverance.  It does become easier, and sometimes the light and positive has some natural help.  I credit our Creator but whichever your beliefs are, it remains a remarkable creation that is neither evolution or repeatable science.  Take a look at the picture and give thanks for the “piita” the eagle, highly regarded to give us strength and vision.

I hope that you have a great week, and the positives are easily discernible, because hope is always healthy.